ITA is a non-for-profit performing and liberal arts school...

for the young children and their parents that was founded by its Executive Director Tatyana Komarova in 2006. As a unique educational organization whose mission has the support of Mayor Brainard, Carmel community members and businesses, the International Talent Academy is dedicated to elevating performing arts and early childhood education to world-class standards.  Some existing high-achievement teaching organizations partner with the new Academy.
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To provide internationally inspired performing and liberal arts programs to children and adults and promote awareness of early brain development through our curriculum.

ITA’s unique approach to the arts & early childhood education across all our programs:

Theatre & Music: We are the only program that provides a comprehensive theater & show choir education in the area for the 4-8 age group with a full scale show at the end of the session.

- We do not hold auditions, but accept every child who dreams to be on stage and provide him or her with every opportunity to be successful at their very first time performing.

Theatre & Writing: Each semester children help write unique scripts specifically tailored to the skills, abilities and interests of our Musical Theatre classes!  All students get a role they want to perform and help develop their very own character!  This is critically important to the development of creativity, confidence and social skills for our students.  Advanced students help write the entire show from curtains to bows!

All Classes: We love to play and so do your kids!  We teach our subjects through fun educational acting, dancing and music exercises and games aimed towards the development of confidence, memory, voice, movement, concentration, discipline, working with a partner, and other skills necessary to the class.

All Classes: At the end of the session each student ‘graduates’ with a surplus of knowledge and skills on the subject: it is very important to us that your child has fun but also learns a lot and acquires valuable-quality experiences throughout the course.

All Classes: We provide our students with opportunities to perform at community events, recitals, and shows.

All Classes: Lastly, we believe that educating parents is one of the most important missions of ITA. Parents of our students are smart, caring, intelligent, and involved in the process with their children! If nothing else, your children LOVE BEING WITH YOU and enjoy when you are involved!

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